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In today’s current maze of food trends, it can be challenging to navigate the choices that best serve you.  Choosing to learn more about healthy vegan plant-based cuisine is a great path to optimal wellness 

  • Large bodies of research are suggesting that food plays a major role in wellness. The foods we eat have the ability to harm us or heal us.
  • Fad diets come and go but the consistent message is that fruits veggies whole grains and beans are powerful food is supporting our health
  • Plant-based foods are the backbone of a healthy vegan plant-based diet
  • People of all ages are increasingly being drawn to this approach


Savory Foods That Are Good For The Body, Mind & Soul

In-Home Hands-On Cooking

I am thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise in cooking fabulous health supporting vegan, plant based meals and sound nutritional information.


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Want to learn about whole plant-based foods? I teach classes on Diabetes Prevention, Cancer Prevention, How to Kickstart Your Health, Employee Wellness and Kids Health.


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As a certified FFL instructor with the PCRM, I can teach a class series on nutrition with live cooking demonstrations to educate your group on the amazing benefits of this healthy diet.


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Maddie was instrumental in helping me with private lessons to eat in a healthy and cancer preventive manner. After having gone through cancer surgery and having some trouble with increased cholesterol /triglyceride ratios, after 6 months of a plant and fruit based diet, I have been able to nearly normalize my heart risk numbers and remain cancer free. Maddie is a superb dietary  professional.

Dr Scott

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